Are Dental Veneers the Preventive Treatment for You?

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We advise that you create a cavity prevention plan now before tooth decay can cause you to suffer severe oral health problems such as gum disease and total tooth loss. An untreated cavity will eventually spread to the rest of the tooth, but you can prevent large cavities from ever developing by covering vulnerable back teeth with dental sealants.

The molars and premolars often experience a higher risk of tooth decay than other teeth because the tooth enamel on their biting surfaces tends to have deep pits and fissures. These areas can be very hard to clean, making them ideal for bacteria and plaque, which in turn cause large cavities. Prevent tooth decay now by receiving dental sealants at Dental Arts Of Drexel Hill.

The process of placing dental sealants is to apply liquid plastic resin to the back teeth and cure the sealant with a special ultraviolet light so that it creates a protective coating on the chewing surface that bacteria can’t eat through. We have found that the end of a dental checkup tends to be the best time to receive dental sealants because our dentist will be certain you have clean and healthy tooth enamel. Dental sealants can last for as much as a decade, and are resilient against being worn away by tooth brushing.

If you suspect your smile needs dental sealants in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, schedule an appointment with Dr. Justin J Deutsch by contacting Dental Arts Of Drexel Hill at (610) 449-1513 today.

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