Dentistry Essentials 101: Tooth Hazards

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Are you aware of the effect that tooth hazards can play in your life? Tooth hazards arise at any time and can cause severe dental damage. Not only are they present in the lifestyle choices you make, but they can also even be caused by cleaning habits you partake in and other aspects of your lifestyle. Thus, exercise caution with any tooth hazards in your life, including the following:

– Exercise caution with chewing on products that can chip and crack your teeth, such as chewing on ice. Even though you may have been able to do so when you were younger, your teeth age along with you, and may have weakened over time.

– In order to protect your mouth from additional tooth hazards, consider implementing a mouthguard into your oral health care protection repertoire.

– Exercise caution with mouth jewelry such as tongue piercings. If a tongue piercing is improperly placed, it can cause nerve damage and burst blood vessels. In addition, it can lead to infectious diseases, gum damage, and oral health risks.

– Grinding your teeth is a known tooth hazard because it can wear down your tooth enamel. However, most times teeth grinding is not your fault as it occurs unconsciously. When you unconsciously grind your teeth, this is known as bruxism and will require treatments from a dentist.

– Be careful of all hard products you are consuming. This includes products you may not always think of, including cough drops. Cough drops can easily chip and crack teeth. Furthermore, they are often loaded with sugars which can also lead to dental erosion.

With tooth hazard prevention care and the skilled expertise of our team at Dental Arts Of Drexel Hill, we can make sure you receive the oral health care you need. Dr. Justin J Deutsch and our team can be reached by calling us at (610) 449-1513 to schedule an appointment to visit us at our dentist office in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania.

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