Mouthwash is Important Too!

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Did you know, mouthwash is important to your oral health routine? There are times when brushing and flossing need help to keep your smile in tip-top shape. Our dentists, Drs. Abboud, Niemczyk and Browning with Dental Arts Of Drexel Hill in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, understand many people may have questions about the different kinds of mouthwash. That is why we are happy to provide some answers for you.

Not every mouthwash is equal in its benefits and can help you with bad breath and cavities. The truth is, different mouthwashes do different things. That is why when you are choosing a mouthwash, make sure you select a therapeutic mouthwash if you want to fight against cavities. A cosmetic mouthwash is designed for the flavor to freshen your breath. It is important to note; therapeutic mouthwashes contain ingredients that are known to kill the foul odors of bacteria and help protect your smile.

While cosmetic mouthwashes do contain exciting flavors or fresh scents, therapeutic mouthwashes can help fight against plaque, cavities and bad breath improving your oral health in the long run. Ingredients that therapeutic mouthwashes have include fluoride, germicides, and antibacterial agents, all of which are specialized and designed to kill germs and strengthen the health of your teeth.

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