Dentistry Essentials 101: Tooth Hazards

  Are you aware of the effect that tooth hazards can play in your life? Tooth hazards arise at any time and can cause severe dental damage. Not only are they present in the lifestyle choices you make, but they can also even be caused by cleaning habits you partake in and other aspects of your lifestyle. Thus, exercise caution... read more »

Unique Insight on Dental Crowns

  If you are worried about the future safety of a tooth, a restoration in the form of a dental crown can help. Not only can dental crowns drastically improve the look of a tooth, but they can also effectively conceal teeth on all sides to prevent future damage and tooth decay from occurring. In addition, dental crowns are made... read more »

Improve Your Smile with Dental Floss

  How would you rank your oral health care at this present moment? Are you actively cleaning your smile every day using effective oral hygiene routines such as brushing and flossing daily? Even if you are flossing on a daily basis, it is essential to make sure you're using effective flossing techniques to ensure your teeth are cleaned adequately and... read more »

How to Keep Gingivitis and Cavities Away From Your Smile

Removing oral bacteria and dental plaque from teeth and gums daily is crucial to your oral health. To do this, flossing is as important as brushing, because floss is able to reach the crevices between the teeth and around the gumline that brushing alone can't. As plaque and bacteria linger, they allow cavities and gingivitis to infiltrate your smile.  ... read more »

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